Main Streets Database Template: BID Edition

The template is intuitive and has greatly streamlined our processes.
Suzanne Holley, Downtown Center BID (Los Angeles)


The Main Streets Database Template: BID Edition grew out of the Main Streets Database Template, a widely adopted downtown-management tool.

The Main Streets Database Template: BID Edition tracks and relates all your contacts, businesses, event details (sponsors, vendors, etc.), physical improvements (including any grants you administer), vacancies, jobs and all the interfaces found in the original Main Streets Database Template. The BID Edition features a much more robust property interface, with complex, multi-factor BID formulas at the push of a button, BID voting and assessment interfaces and more.

Although all Main Streets Database Template modules are available in the BID Edition, it is possible to turn off certain interfaces (e.g., Volunteer Hours or Events), if your organization (or a particular user) does not need them.

The template uses FileMaker Pro software, available from and, for 501(c)(3) organizations, from You must own FileMaker Pro in order to use this template. We built the template using FileMaker Pro because we think it's great, user-friendly software. FileMaker Pro is available for both PC and Mac. FileMaker databases can be hosted online and accessed via FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go (on iPhone and iPad) and via web browser. It's easy to import your existing data into FileMaker Pro and it's also easy to export from FileMaker Pro.

Template pricing includes customization and data import. Documentation, video training and technical support are included. Please call (617) 548-6330 or email us for an online demonstration.